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Moon Table (scrapbook)

Saturday, May 02, 2009

A great table in small spaces, like mine... And I think it now come in ORANGE!!!!!
I will be going to look at it while in NYC
Xiaoping Design
Moon Table- There are several variations on the original Eastermn-inspired design. Each style is made using quality design and materials, and makes a distinctive statement as one "full moon" unit, or separately as individual "half moon" console tables, desks, or dining tables. This is a Xiaoping's great master piece.

Size -Large 48"W x 30"H $795.00 Small - 33"W x 30"H & 595.00

3 pc Moon Table;
Unite the halves to form a moon-shaped writing or breakfast table. Separate them to form two half-moon side tabl, or opt for an extension piece to form a larger oval display table. Add an elegant bar around the foot to form yet another graceful and sturdy alternative. Available in rectangular console as well.

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  • Miss Eve

    Dear Leticia! Thanks so much for the sweet sweet comments you left me on my page. Not to mention how happy I am to see you as a follower. I bhought the tapestry in Ningbo (China), the city I'm currently living. I'm happy you loved it. Lately I fell in love with tapetsry and I will post more picture about things I'm working on right now. Only problem with it, it takes sooooooo long time to get ready with even one small (tapestry)picture. See you soon and have a lovely Sunday. Love: Evi


    I love your photo, fab u lash!!!!~~

    show us when you are finished with the needlepoint...

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