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Iconic Chanel 2.55

Friday, April 22, 2011

Cannot be a true "Gal in the Know" without including this post on my bog...

-It's called 2.55 because the very first bag was designed in February of 1955.
- On average it takes 18 working hours to produce 1 bag.
- There are more than 180 production steps in creating 1 bag.
- 50% of the bags are produced in black.
- One bag alone involves 6-15 people to create it.
- There are 7 collections a year that include more than 30 models.
- Out of 200-300 prototypes only 30 are selected.
- The inside and lining gets the same attention to detail as the outside.
- In order to ensure that each bag can withstand every single climate in the world, they are rigoursly tested for 72 hours at 60 degrees Celsius and 95% humidity.
- Resistance to UV rays, tearing and water is also checked.

And here is my baby!


PLease Don't Leave!!!

PLease Don't Leave!!!
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