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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Billy Joel, Elton John Playing Wrigley Field Concert July 21

I have seen Billy Joel in concert, too many times to remember. I used to date one of the dudes in his band (that's right, tickled my ivories)
And have also seen him many times with Elton John, but to see them at Wrigley Field, seems like fun!
So Off we go tonight!

What's your Fave Billy Joel Song?

Favorite Elton John Song?
My Pics at the Show
kickin it, waiting for the show to start

people filling up the seats

night shot of the capacity crowd, it was awesome to see

Billy doin Billy

they were in super goofy mode that night, it was a fun show! Lot's of out of the ordinary surprises...

Mark, Crystal and New Dude, I think Chris

Cooler than Cool, Mark Rivera

really cool lit murals on each side of stage

Sir Elton John


PLease Don't Leave!!!

PLease Don't Leave!!!
There's so much MORE to See!!!!!