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Octogenarian...In a Major Way! WOW!!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I Have always said to myself, SELF!
Please don't let me live to be OLD!!!!!!
Ms Vanderbilt Gives new meaning to Old.
Blushingly so... I was going to post an excerpt of her book, but NO!
Read it to Believe it!

ooh la la

"Leave it to Gloria Vanderbilt to design a sensual novel for the material girl..." (USA Today )

"Warmth and zest and cheekiness...OBSESSION is erotica even your grandmother can love." (The Daily Beast )

Anderson Coopers Mama,
could you imagine the" Mother in Law" stories??


  • Alluring Interiors

    I need to have this book...BTW, I received my prize today...let me tell you...Freakin`FaBulousiTy!

  • Jill

    I read and posted about it too...great minds think alike!! I kept wishing something more substantial would happen. It just seemed to be alot of wishful thinking. But, it was a very quick read.

    Doesn't she look fabulous!?

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PLease Don't Leave!!!
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