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FAb, FAb Books!

Thursday, July 09, 2009

I discovered these fab books at Anthropologie
Taschen's New York: Hotels, Restaurants & Shops
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Get the most out of New York
In New York, it's all about who you know. And now you're connected.
Angelika Taschen knows New York. She's been behind the velvet ropes, explored the secret, unmarked restaurants and beloved neighborhood delis, scoured Soho, Nolita and Tribeca's stylish stores, and scoped out hotels uptown and downtown, from sleek and chic to hidden charms. She provides an all-access pass to parts of New York even most locals don't know. Dictionary-style cutout tabs make it easy to flip through, and a pocket-sized map of Manhattan lists all the shops, hotels, and restaurants in the book. With this guide in hand, New York is yours for the taking.

Have a peek Inside

Ville magique
The perfect guide to the Paris of your dreams
This book combines all of Angelika Taschen's recommendations for Paris hotels, shops, restaurants, cafes, and bars into one volume, ensuring visitors a wealth of ideas and a guarantee that their Parisian sojourn will never have a dull moment. From the ultra-hot Colette fashion concept store to Tom Ford's secret hideaway to Hemingway's favorite brasserie, all of the best insider tips are gathered together between these covers so that when you hop out from under yours, you'll have plenty of exciting things on your agenda.

The website has a great feature on the right side, that lets you leaf through the book, check it out!
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PLease Don't Leave!!!

PLease Don't Leave!!!
There's so much MORE to See!!!!!