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Bummmed out!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

No pun intended
Are my days of doing this...
(south beach)

A Thing of the Past;-(

Just received word from my Derm that I have skin cancer, have to go and have it re-checked.
I am not an abuser of the sun, but did enjoy lounging on the beach and soaking in the sun on my trips to the sea.
Super Bummed OUT!


  • avant garde

    yikes, that's awful!! hmmm, i should go have a check up, i don't abuse either but do love the beach. i hope you have a good prognosis and that it can be dealt with easily? not sure about such things. thinking of you!

  • The Townhouselady

    Leticia, I'm so sorry! I've had so many friends and family members with it and they've all come through it just fine. I get annual checks as I was a heavy abuser since I was little.

    Stay strong sexy momma. It'll be o.k.

  • Jill

    I'm an abuser...dammit! You are going to be just fine. I have no doubts, chica. I'll be sending healthy skin thoughts your way.

  • Caio Fernandes

    Leticia !!! don't worry . it isn't a sin to love to take some sun and get tanned .
    cancer skin sucks , but you can treat . i am fon Brazil , here it is very comon . and pretty people as you are don't go to the shade because of this .
    get healed and keep geting fun .
    and keep posting , because your blog is unique .
    your almost always tanned friend . Caio

  • Alluring Interiors

    OMG! I`m totally bummed out with you, doLL...I`ll say a prayer for you. xo


    thanks to you all for the kind words;-)

  • Dorothy L

    I am sorry to hear that. I am live in Florida and I am originally from Northern Canada where you see more winter than summer. Being here for 6 years I have noticed the difference in my skin from the sun and I do not like it. That is what keeps me covered with lotion as high as 70's.
    I also work outside so it is even more difficult to try and stay out of the sun.
    I am a true sun worshiper so it was a very harsh reality to realize life is not all about a sexy tan.
    Do what your dermy tells you to the note and hopefully you will be able to get control of it before it gets serious!

    Good Luck!

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