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Blog Voyeurism

Monday, July 27, 2009

This Blog thing has been slowly but surely consuming much of my time. I can sometimes be on the computer for hours browing and not even realize how long I have been at it. I love discovering new blogs, artist, decorators, chefs, poets, etc...
It's so cool to just Globe Trot with just the click of my mouse, love it!!
Anyhow, I found this blogger from Australia. She is adorable! She says she is a model, office clerk, blogger, photographer and Fashionista. I commented and asked her if she sold any of her beautiful whimsical sketches. She said she didn't and was surprised I thought her illustrations were good enough to sell. I told her absolutely!, and forwarded to other bloggers/artist's that were doing just that via Etsy and such. Well, I think she most definitely needs to add ARTIST to her resume on her blog sidebar. What do you think?
I so love these two!


PLease Don't Leave!!!

PLease Don't Leave!!!
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