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Who's coming for dinner??

Friday, June 05, 2009

Wanchai-effin-Ferry, Thats who!!!

I cook on a pretty consistent basis and pride myself on coming up with tasty and unusual dishes from scratch, but if you happen to not be in the mood for a full on cooking session, this kit is your answer, LET ME TELL YOU!!!!
I have turned all my friends on to it and I will now turn you on to it!!
My favorites are the Chili Garlic Chicken and The Kung Pao, I of course jack up the kit, I add onions, red peppers, extra shoots and water chestnuts, I also like quite a few jalapenos (I am addicted) and also fry basil leaves and toss them in at the end... Fierce, oh and brown rice of course...
I dare you to try it and not be in heaven;-)
Available in local supermarkets, however the garlic chicken is usually gone by 4pm in the afternoon, so if you want to get in touch with your inner "Chinese Chef" bon appetit!!


PLease Don't Leave!!!

PLease Don't Leave!!!
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