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What does Seduction in fashion mean to you?

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My idea of Seduction in Fashion
Do you agree?

"Seduction is what gets you the second look and the magnetic pull that causes people to keep stealing glances even though it isn't polite." ~ Reecie Dern

"Seduction is being confident in yourself. Your presence affects others because your confidence makes you sexy and also noticed. It's a quiet thing; one doesn't have to dress seductively in order to be noticed." ~ C. Ho

"Seduction is a sexy confidence. The ability to make heads turn to the point when time itself seems to stop." ~ Natalie Henry

"Manipulation at its best, or worst?
It could be in a coy, pretending to be 'innocent,' subtle way with fashion or, quite the opposite, in a sexy siren / 'dramatic' way, depending on the individual (and anywhere in between). In the end, attracting, captivating, intoxicating, mesmerizing, what you desire with the final result getting what you want." ~ Maria Calabro

"Stronger than attraction or charm which precede this, it is then desiring to have what you at first isn't yours to have, then might have and finally will have by overstepping the boundaries that separate us.
A dress can accelerate this desire to go further." ~ Olivia Eller

"Seduction is intelligence." ~ Lelande

"Something that attracts or charms" ~ Webster's Dictionary

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