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Sometimes it just feels that way!!

Friday, June 05, 2009

Like right now!!

These 2 pics are of me, thought I kinda look like the one flipping the Bird!, lol!

btw, Sooooo cannot remember where I found the flipping the bird pic...


  • TheBeautyFile

    ah-mazing pic!!! what attitude! you can tell she must have grown up to be quite the firecracker!

    great photos of little you too!

  • Alluring Interiors

    I love these pic, girl....Number one is the best...haha!

  • Alluring Interiors

    Fabulous transformation on your blog...LadyJava rockS!

  • Jill

    That would have been me as a child. I'm an only child and had young parents. My dad thought it was hysterical that I used to wear my favorite t-shirt to play with the neighborhood had the proverbial yellow smiley face and underneath it said..."Have a Shitty Day"...I'm sure the other parent's didn't appreciate it!


    allure, I found her on your blog, so thanks!
    I love that picture of that little girl, I would really like to know where it came from, who took it?
    I want it 5 feet high, to put in my entrance, lol!!~

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PLease Don't Leave!!!
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