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It's a Vicious Cycle!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Can't wait for Spring!
Then Can't for Summer!
Now I can't wait for Freaking September!!
The September Issue!!!
~Anna Wintour Documentary~

Despite screening in January at the Sundance Film Festival, details on Vogue documentary The September Issue — with the exception of a short clip — have been kept largely under wraps. A group of British fashion insiders who have seen the 90-minute special are under strict embargo not to discuss it until it is screened at the Edinburgh festival on June 22, and the movie doesn't hit theaters until September 11, but Fashion Week Daily got their hands on a screener and has plenty of details on the film, which features Anna Wintour, the "pope" as's Candy Pratts Price calls her, and creative director Grace Coddington, or "without question, the greatest living stylist there is," according to fashion news and features director Sally Singer...
more here

screening @ sundance


  • Jill

    I'll have to put this on my netflix list. I'm sure it won't show here...nothing good ever does. Anyway, I'm kind of tired of theatres. I'd rather watch movies at home. Love the pics of you on the sidebar!

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PLease Don't Leave!!!
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