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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Here's the deal!!!
I am dying for a cute little Turquoise Vespa or an Orange Mojito Aprilia

Not in the budget, so I thought I would look into a cool looking bike, LOL!!! look what I found!!! NOT!!!

Fendi is on the move, following the footsteps of Chanel they have just released a bicycle named the Fendi Abici Amante Donna which comes in two versions. A less expensive version comes equipped with Fendi’s Selleria leather accessories (a key and bike chain cover, leather gps navigation holder and a detachable Fendi case) which costs $5900, and a luxury version which comes complete with everything mentioned prior plus removable fur saddlebags will cost you $9,500. Both versions of the bicycle are available at Fendi’s Fifth Avenue flagship store, word is they’ve already sold four- two $5900 and two $9500. via WWD

Oh, and I just found the Chanel Bike for a gah-zillion dollas!!!

back to the drawing board;-)


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PLease Don't Leave!!!
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