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OMG, This movie is Brilliant!!!!

Monday, May 04, 2009

If you are in the mood for a great old movie, this is it! Its a stitch!!!
And talk about wardrobe!!!!!!!!! The movie came out in 1964, it was way ahead of its time back then. There were about 70 Edith Head costume changes and it was said that she billed Fox for a million hours of overtime, a bit exaggerated I am sure, but nevertheless, fun movie!!
And its now available on "Video on Demand" here

Trailer @ YouTube


  • Kwana

    Thanks for the move recommendation. I love a good old movies with great costumes. You dog is way too cute! And the car video kills me. Lucky you! Great nails too.


    if you love old movies, you are in for a treat, her legs are amazing too... I think I have watched it 2o times, its loads of fun!
    let me know after you watch it, enjoy!

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PLease Don't Leave!!!
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