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home redo

Saturday, May 09, 2009

My new color palette was inspired by the Stephen Sprouse Knoll Fabric, Grafitti Camo, just hope its still available...

For many years, my home decor palette has been red and brown walls, with black accents on accessories in living room, dining room...
Salmon and Brown in the bedroom and bathroom
Tme for a change in the main spaces
I am switching out the red walls for orange and adding ivory for accents instead of the black
Black frame before, brown after, one of many paint projects I am working on right now. Just trying to decide if I want to leave the finish matte or maybe satin?

black frame ~before~
brown frame ~after~

Before, After, After...

Hey Coco
Here it is,
The before, I then painted it white.
Now I am thinking maybe a silver aluminum look?? or high laquer/glossy look?
( dark, dark brown)?

Had this table hiding underneath a tablecloth, soooooo instead of trashing it I thought I would give it a new paint job.

I have always loved stripes and of course Bendels, who does not love Bendels? Still have a few tweaks left, like knobs and claw feet, etc...

Had these chairs in storage, a little redo to hold me over until I can buy what I really want (ghost chairs).

more coming soon...


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PLease Don't Leave!!!
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