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Non Chip Manicure and Pedicure ( aka No Chip Manicure)

Thursday, April 30, 2009

I am a big fan of the Non Chip Manicure and Non Chip Pedicure which has basically changed my life... I was working at a salon last summer and was fighting all the way, I did not want anything artificial on my nails, no not me!! Well I finally gave in and there was no looking back! At this very moment, I am going on four weeks and still have glossy nails and no chips going on, I am getting them done tomorrow, The fill line is the only reason why. The product has unique vitamins that aid in the growth of your nails, my nails are growing like weeds!
The process, Just like a regular mani, this one starts out with specialists cleaning and buffing the nails. Instead of coating cuticles with a slow-drying polish, the no-chip version features a gel, which is available in a variety of colors. Hands are then placed under a UVA dryer for a couple of minutes to freeze the gel; the polish-dry process is repeated a few more times. The no-chip takes a little longer than a typical manicure (about an hour), but you won’t have to hang around afterward waiting for your nails to dry.

my two peeps in chicago
nina. fab nail chick @ essential nail spa
zuzana @ ambra
I have not been to Zuzana for a while, but she is one of the best!!


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PLease Don't Leave!!!
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