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Thursday, December 11, 2008

This summer i was given a lovely gift card for Barneys , we love Barneys !!!

I went in looking for a fragrance that I have worn many times as my summer fragrance, Antonias Flowers. I was asked by the lovely Adela if I had ever experienced Frederic Malle Fragrances , and I do mean Experience! Life in the fragrance world is never the same again after the EXPERIENCE of Malle! Below is a proper review of the essence of Carnal Flower. I however will give you my review... As I left Barneys on Oak street in Chicago, had one hand holding the phone and ranting to my friend of my new SIGNATURE fragrance and my other hand held up to my nose, INHALING my way down the street, for blocks!!!
When I wear this scent, first thing i hear within the first few minutes in the company of anyone is, YOU smell GREAT! I say thanks, they really, what is that?? This happens every time!! First week I put it on every night after my bath, just for me, and I am guessing the baby likes it just fine too! Check out the website, it is an experience! It is sold at Barneys, they showcase it in coolers and have smelling booths so you could smell it the same way someone would smell it when one walks by and you get that whiff, its HEAVEN!!! Antonias Flowers who????
They also have a Body Butter, thats well, like buttah!!!!!

My faves are of Course, Carnal Rose and Une Rose, they are great for layering too.


One smells in the overture an outburst of freshness that evokes freshly cut, fibrous flower stems, full of sap, as if you were happily trampling on a large bouquet of tall flowers (the tuberoses), that have been thrown on the ground for you to trample with unrestrained happiness and sensuality. The head notes are bergamot and eucalyptus, contributing to an initial shouting out of verdancy, and also melon. I smell a ripe, fresh, green honeydew melon (on my third attempt, I finally detect that fruity note). Then, the second stage sets in and it is intriguingly spicy. The official notes are ylang-ylang, salicylates (I do not know how this is supposed to smell or make other things smell), and jasmine ~ CHECK THE MALLE VIDEO ON MY YOUTUBE LINK~


PLease Don't Leave!!!

PLease Don't Leave!!!
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